$10,000 SportX Fall Classic

SportX’s Fall Major Championship starts this week 🏆

SportX Fall Classic — $10,000

The format of every Major Championship is a little bit different, creating for new and exciting events each and every time! The Fall Classic, the TOP 20 bettors will earn a portion of the $10,000 prize pool! On top of this, we have introduced a ton of daily and tournament prop rewards for everyone to compete for!

JOIN NOW to get in on the action and get your SportX Tour journey started!

SportX Fall Classic — Breakdown

Streak Bonus
All bettors who make a qualifying bet every single day of the tournament will receive a $50 betting streak bonus🔥

Daily Prizes
12:00 p.m. Daily Random Draw (x10): $50 each
Biggest Daily Loser (x10): $50 each

*To win biggest average bet size you must make a minimum of 5 bets

Visit our Discord if you have any questions!

Happy betting,
SportX team



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