SportX combines the Polygon SDK, a rapidly growing on-chain treasury, a leading prediction market protocol, and a market-based governance system to become SX Network

Executive Summary

Exodus is bringing its 1,000,000 monthly users to Polygon by integrating SportX

Check out the Exodus SportX home page!

Announcing the SportX + Exodus + Polygon Integration!

We’re excited to announce that Exodus has integrated SportX directly into their wallet app! We’re honoured to be a part of Exodus’ first Polygon integration with the SportX prediction market. Exodus is planning on additional features such as allowing wallet users to stake MATIC, Polygon’s native token, from their wallet.

Get $1,000 in free bet credits as a new SportX user!

🎉 Bet Credits Launch

The design, building and implementation of this feature has taken months of hard work but we are excited to say that bet credits is now live!

🎉 Announcing the winners of the second ever SX Meme Contest! 🎉

🇳🇱 Max is on a Charge ⚡

F1 Analyst Bill Benter’s pick of the week 🤝

🔒 Max Verstappen to Win Qualifying: +115

Bet here:

🔒 Max Verstappen to Win Race: -120

Design a SportX related meme for a chance at $500 in prizes!

SportX’s Fall Major Championship starts this week 🏆

SportX Fall Classic — $10,000

SportX creates the most engaging, fun and competitive betting experience on the market. As part of the SportX Tour, we continuously host betting tournaments and competitions for prize money, bragging rights and NFTs. …

SX Network is the first public blockchain designed for prediction markets

Public blockchains aren’t designed for prediction markets

Before we even begin, there are a ton of reasons for why you would want to build a blockchain prediction market in the first place. Traditional betting platforms are opaque, heavy on censorship, and generally have extremely low consumer trust scores. The biggest…

SX Network

SX Network — the blockchain for betting

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