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2 min readSep 11, 2023



  • ❓Will Biden still be president tomorrow? What about the next day?
  • 🌙 Shoot for the moon with a ‘No’ side
  • 👍 If you bet correctly on the ‘Yes’ side, you’ll earn a small return on your bet
  • 🤝 Sign up now and bet on it at SX to earn USDC!

Introducing Moonshot markets! This week we’re kicking off a new slate of daily prediction markets for SX to users to wager on with the potential for a MASSIVE upside.

We hope you like betting on political markets, because we’re introducing a daily market on whether Biden will still be The President Of The United States, TOMORROW. If you bet correctly on the ‘Yes’ side, you’ll earn a small return on your bet. However, if you’re an absolute degenerate and enjoy the thrill of a shot at hitting a massive win you can take action on the ‘No’ side of this market and cross your fingers that somehow Biden will not be POTUS a few hours after you wager.

The best part of these wild markets?

They will be open to wagers every day around 4 PM EST and settle the following morning before most sports matches begin. You can bet on these markets every day, so if you’re certain Biden will still be POTUS tomorrow, bet ‘Yes’ daily for a potential overnight return; plus, you’ll have your funds ready for the next day’s sports betting slate.

If you have any moonshot prediction markets in mind that you would like to see added, let us know in the SX Bet trollbox or in our Discord!

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