Launching the RageFan Tournament!

The first in a series of sponsored tournaments on SportX

What are Payout NFTs?

Some fans call them ‘Midas Cards’ with the inherent passive wealth creation effect. While NFTs are hogging the limelight these days, payout NFTs are slowly & quietly getting the attention of Sports Fans. You may wonder why? What is the Midas magic all about? Well, here is the thing: If a fan opens their wallet to get Payout NFTs, these NFTs will bless & reward the holder for the entire Sports season!

Earning from PayOut NFTs

  1. Users can BUY & OWN their favourite team NFT cards from the marketplace.
  2. Unlike other NFTs, Payout NFTs are highly rewarding which can later be flipped on the marketplace.
  3. The Payouts of these Utility NFTs are based on the real outcomes of the Club/Player’s performance.
  4. A simple example: Suppose a user purchases a Manchester United NFT card for $X. The user will receive a certain $RAGE every gameweek that Manchester United wins or draws.

About SX Network

SX Network will be the first public blockchain to combine a smart contract platform with an on-chain community treasury and a native prediction market protocol. The native SX prediction market protocol will be leveraged to help govern the protocol through futarchy. It is designed from the ground up for blockchain application developers with EVM-compatibility, low-cost transactions, and a PoS-based consensus model.



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