SportX’s First NFT Markets

SportX has added NFT prediction markets for the first time! The initial markets focus on CryptoPunks and Nouns, two of the most prominent NFT collections. Based on the success of these markets, future NFT markets may be added.

All bets are placed on Polygon in ETH, DAI or USDC.

Sotheby’s to Auction 104 CryptoPunks

In July of 2021, an anonymous NFT collector called “Ox650d” purchased the 104 cheapest CryptoPunks for sale in a single transaction.The buyer paid ~$7M for the Punks, in what became known as the “Punk Sweep”.

A collection of the CryptoPunks to be sold

The entire collection, titled “Punk It!” will be sold in a single lot by Sotheby’s on February 23. The live auction will include a panel on NFTs and VIP dinner for some the anticipated bidders.

Sotheby’s anticipates the lot will sell for between $20M and $30M. The average sale price for punks has been hovering around $225,000 over the last month. All activity can be checked out on here on Open Sea.

SportX will be offering liquid prediction/betting markets on the total sale price for the lot. The market will settle based on the USD value, of the Hammer Price (not counting any premium or taxes), reported by Sotheby’s.

Sotheby’s “Punk It!” sale betting markets

Nouns DAO Average Auction Sales

Nouns are one of the most exclusive NFT communities in the world. One Noun is created and auctioned every 24 hours, forever. 100% of the auction proceeds are sent to the Nouns DAO treasury to be controlled by Nouns holders, one Noun equals one vote. To date, 207 Nouns have been actioned off and the DAO holds 19,970 ETH, worth over $57M.

A collection of Nouns

Newly created Nouns have been selling in auction for between 75–120 ETH, and fresh off a Super Bowl partnership with Bud Light, many think the price and popularity of Nouns is on the rise.

SportX will be offering prediction markets on the average sale price of Nouns 211–219. The daily auctions can be tracked live at

Average sale price of Nouns 211–219 Markets

About SX Network

SX Network consists of two core interrelated platforms, the SX Network Blockchain and its flagship application SportX. The former is a blockchain focused on scaling current infrastructure for gambling, DeFi and NFT applications. While SportX is a prediction market that is wholly owned by SX Network and the largest gambling application in crypto by betting volume.

SportX | Twitter |Discord | Docs




SX Network — Scaling Polygon for betting, DeFi, and NFTs

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SX Network

SX Network

SX Network — Scaling Polygon for betting, DeFi, and NFTs

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