The $1.6m IDEX Betdrop

All IDEX traders are receiving $50 in free bets on SportX!

Video Walkthrough

How to receive my $50 bet credits?

If you’ve ever made a trade on IDEX v3, simply go to the SportX exchange, log-in with your MetaMask wallet, register a username, and the bet credits will be in your account!

Click “Use Bet Credits” toggle in the top right of the SportX page underneath the currency tab

How do I bet with my $50 in bet credits?

Once you’ve registered an username on SportX and togged to Bet Credits, simply click on a game and get betting!

About IDEX

IDEX is the world’s first hybrid liquidity DEX, the novel exchange aimed to cement hybrid liquidity as a true competitor to the automated market maker (AMM) and order book designs which left DeFi traders vulnerable to front-running, slippage, sandwich attacks, and exorbitant gas fees.

About SX Network

SX Network consists of two core interrelated platforms, the SX Network Blockchain and its flagship application SportX. The former is a blockchain focused on scaling current infrastructure for gambling, DeFi and NFT applications. While SportX is a prediction market that is wholly owned by SX Network and the largest gambling application in crypto by betting volume.



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