The $1.6m IDEX Betdrop

SX Network is excited to announce that all IDEX v3 traders who made a trade on or after December 27th has received $50 USDC in bet credits on its flagship application SportX! Bet credits can be used to place a risk-free bets of up to $50 in USDC. All profits from bets made with bet credits are paid out directly to your wallet in Polygon USDC and free to withdraw. All winning bets on SportX also earn $SX bet mining rewards as well!

A snapshot was taken February 10, 2022, that captures 3,200 wallet addresses that have traded on IDEX v3 after December 27th.

At $50 per wallet address, this represents $1,614,850 in free bets being given out!

SportX is the largest blockchain-based sports betting exchange in the world. Currently deployed on the Polygon blockchain, SportX has facilitated over $130m in bets since inception in 2019. SportX is the flagship app of SX Network, which is the first blockchain to launch using Polygon Edge.

Video Walkthrough

How to receive my $50 bet credits?

If you’ve ever made a trade on IDEX v3, simply go to the SportX exchange, log-in with your MetaMask wallet, register a username, and the bet credits will be in your account!

Click “Use Bet Credits” toggle in the top right of the SportX page underneath the currency tab

If you don’t see them right away, click on the Currency menu in the top right of SportX, toggle to Polygon USDC, and then click the toggle on “Use Bet Credits”. You’ll notice you have $50 USDC in bet credits waiting for you there! Remember to make sure you’re connected to the Polygon network.

How do I bet with my $50 in bet credits?

Once you’ve registered an username on SportX and togged to Bet Credits, simply click on a game and get betting!

In the example below, the user has clicked on the sport “Football” on the left side bar and navigated to “NFL”. From there, they clicked to make a bet on the Cincinnati Bengals to beat the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl. The Bengals are relatively big underdogs so their odds are 2.82; this means that a $50 bet will net profits of 182% on the bet. Simply click “Place Bet” and Voila! your bet is locked in!

SportX has thousands of markets across almost every major sport and league. With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, there are also a number of special bets to be made. Including betting on the result of the Coin toss (i.e Heads or Tails), the length of the shortest field goal, who has the most punts, and much much more:

About IDEX

IDEX is the world’s first hybrid liquidity DEX, the novel exchange aimed to cement hybrid liquidity as a true competitor to the automated market maker (AMM) and order book designs which left DeFi traders vulnerable to front-running, slippage, sandwich attacks, and exorbitant gas fees.

About SX Network

SX Network consists of two core interrelated platforms, the SX Network Blockchain and its flagship application SportX. The former is a blockchain focused on scaling current infrastructure for gambling, DeFi and NFT applications. While SportX is a prediction market that is wholly owned by SX Network and the largest gambling application in crypto by betting volume.

SportX | Twitter |Discord | Docs




SX Network — Scaling Polygon for betting, DeFi, and NFTs

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SX Network

SX Network

SX Network — Scaling Polygon for betting, DeFi, and NFTs

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